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TePe is donating 50,000 toothbrushes to vulnerable refugees in Sweden and Europe

Right now the worst humanitarian crisis in modern times is happening. The war in Syria and neighbouring countries has forced millions of people to flee their homes. Half of them are children.

It is a tragedy that raises compassion and a will to help. People in flight are always in need of hygiene items. We have therefore decided to donate 50,000 toothbrushes.

To ensure that our aid reaches the places and people where it does the most good, we will collaborate with The Red Cross.

"In the coming weeks, 50,000 toothbrushes will be distributed by Red Cross volunteers to people displaced both in Sweden and around Europe" says Hanna Sjöström, Marketing Director at TePe. "We want to help those in need in the best way we can. Nobody can do everything but everyone can do something. "

For more information:

Please contact Hanna Sjöström, Marketing Director at TePe Oral Hygiene Products AB, telephone +46 (0) 760-10 71 16

About TePe:

TePe develops, manufactures and sells high quality, functional oral hygiene products in cooperation with dental experts. Our vision is for people to be able to keep their teeth for life. It is our aim to raise awareness of preventive dental care, interdental cleaning and the connection between oral and general health. Through our functional quality products, we strive to make good oral health possible for everyone. Healthy teeth – throughout life.

About the Red Cross:

The International Committée of the Red Cross (ICRC) responds quickly and efficiently to help people affected by armed conflict. We also respond to disasters in conflict zones, because the effects of a disaster are compounded if a country is already at war. Emergencies are unpredictable, so our rapid deployment capability is hugely important.

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