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TePe was built on a strong relationship with the dental profession which we appreciate and intend to maintain. The odontology aspect is considered in different decision-making processes throughout the company.

We have our own in-house global Odontology Team, consisting of dentists and dental hygienists, as well as dental professionals working at our subsidiaries around the world. TePe’s Odontology Team is involved in projects across different fields, working close to product developers as well as sales and export at TePe’s global headquarters. The team is constantly working to keep up to date with scientific research related to oral health. In addition, we frequently hold lectures and visit various tradeshows and exhibitions across the globe. 


Several studies have compared interdental brushes and other interdental cleaning devices, especially floss, with respect to their influence on plaque and gingivitis. Patient preference is also a factor that has been evaluated. The research in favour of interdental brushes is convincing. Anna Nilvéus Olofsson, DDS, Manager Odontology and Scientific Affairs, has selected and summarized five especially important studies in support of interdental brushes.

Interdental Brushes: A Summary of Scientific Articles


TePe Odont News is our newsletter aimed at dental professionals and dental students worldwide. Four times a year we will give you an insight on the latest articles, reports and links related to dental science.

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