High quality toothbrushes for adults and children

All TePe toothbrushes are developed in collaboration with dental experts.
TePe toothbrushes are efficient, durable and user-friendly.

TePe Select™ Toothbrushes – brush head in three sizes

TePe Select Toothbrush

TePe Select™

Select is a good value, quality toothbrush with a user-friendly handle, a tapered brush head for improved access and end-rounded filaments for a gentle clean. For adults and youngsters. Available with x-soft, soft or medium filaments. 

TePe Colour™ - news!

TePe Colour™

Our popular Select toothbrush is now available in different colour combinations. Choose between pink, green or turquoise filaments in combination with four handle colours. The filaments are rounded at the end for a gentle and efficient cleaning - just like our regular Select toothbrush. TePe ColourTM is available with soft filaments.

TePe Mini™

TePe Mini™

TePe Mini is recommended for children from 0 to 3 or 4 years of age. This toothbrush has a small, tapered brush head and extra soft filaments, which makes it suitable right from the first tooth. The handle offers a stable and convenient grip for children and adults alike. TePe Mini is available in bright colours and pretty prints.

TePe Select Compact Toothbrush

TePe Select™ Compact

TePe Colour™ Compact
TePe Colour™ Compact X-soft.

TePe Select™ Compact with a smaller brush head and an ergonomic handle is popular both among children and among adults who prefer a smaller toothbrush. Suitable for those who are troubled by the gag reflex. Choose between x-soft, soft or medium filaments.

TePe Select - brush head in three sizes

Innovative design

TePe Supreme Toothbrush

TePe Supreme™

The TePe Supreme toothbrush has an innovative two-level filament design. The longer filaments clean further in between the teeth and along the gum line, while the shorter filaments gently clean the rest of the tooth surfaces. The Supreme toothbrush has a tapered brush head and a stable, non-slip handle with thumb pad. 

TePe Nova Toothbrush

TePe Nova

The TePe Nova toothbrush has a tapered brush head with a special tip for increased access in difficult to reach areas, especially around the posterior teeth. End-rounded filaments ensure gentle cleaning. Is has an ergonomic, non-slip handle.
The toothbrush neck can be angled without heating.
Pink tip: x-soft. Yellow: soft. Blue: medium.

Toothbrush accessories

Brush Head Cap

Simple, practical travel cover which suits all TePe toothbrushes and most special brushes. The cap has air holes for good ventilation and is easy to open and close.

Tips for toothbrushing

How to brush your teeth

A proper toothbrushing technique is essential for keeping your teeth and gums healthy. See our video about toothbrushing!
→You can also read more about toothbrushing here.

Bendable necks

All TePe Toothbrush handles can be angled for better access. Heat under hot running water, adjust neck and cool in cold water. TePe Supreme and TePe Nova can be angled without heating.

Toothbrushes with illustrations

TePe Mini - toothbrush for children 0-3 years

TePe Mini™

TePe Mini is a toothbrush recommended for children from 0 to 3 or 4 years of age. It has a small, tapered brush head and soft or extra soft filaments. The toothbrush handle offers a stable and convenient grip for children and adults alike.

TePe Kids - imprinted toothbrush for children

TePe Kids™

Select Compact x-soft and soft with colourful and pretty animal illustrations, TePe Kids, is a little larger than TePe Mini and suits children from 3 years. It has a small brush head with extra soft filaments and a steady handle.

TePe Winter Toothbrushes

TePe Winter Brushes

TePe's Winter Brushes come with nice Christmas prints – one print on the toothbrush for adults (Select soft) and another for the children (Select Compact x-soft). 

TePe Graphic in new design

TePe Graphic™

TePe Graphic, our imprinted TePe Select toothbrush, is available with two unique themes – a lovely floral retro style print on a green brush with yellow filaments, and an elegant koi fish design on a black brush with orange filaments.

Imprinted toothbrushes

Imprinted toothbrushes

Our imprinting service offers customised TePe Select toothbrushes, printed with your logotype or message. A wide range of handle colours and an advanced printing process offer numerous combinations.

TePe’s children’s toothbrushes should be used under adult supervision. Do not bite or chew on the toothbrush.