Society and the law

ISO Certificate 9001-14001

We are committed to contributing to sustainable social development. Through TePe’s systematic environmental and quality efforts, we secure continued customer satisfaction and constant improvement.

We are up to date and comply with government, customer and regulatory requirements with regards to the environment, energy and quality. Clear targets drive our environmental work, such as operating our processes according to ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.

ISO Certificate 9001
ISO Certificate 14001

TePe Environmental Policy
TePe Quality Policy

Product development

Through our functional quality products, we strive to make good oral health possible for everyone. In product development, we consider the requests of the dental profession and the need for functional self-care devices. We consider environmental aspects in the development of new products, packaging and production methods.

Production, transport & energy

With regards to production, transport and energy, we are continuously striving for long-term improvement and a reduction in the potentially adverse environmental impact of our production facilities, products, packaging, transport and handling.

Our manufacturing processes are developed for maximum energy efficiency. We promote a transition to renewable energy sources and work with recycling, while 100% of the electricity we purchase comes from renewable sources. We recycle production waste material and heat.

The way we work

Environmental aspects are considered in relevant business decisions. Our employees are encouraged to address environmental responsibility in their professional work and to be aware of the importance of energy efficiency. We use eco-labelled products, and recycle and separate waste when possible.

TePe Sustainability report for 2017