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TePe introduces TePe GOOD™ – sustainable oral health products
TePe Oral Hygiene Products continues to take initiatives for long-term sustainable development. The company now launches their first products made from renewable sources – the first step towards in...
A healthy smile – for you and your baby
Did you know that caring for your baby’s teeth starts even before birth? It begins with caring for your own oral health! You have much to gain by taking care of your smile, both for your child’s sa...
How's the New Year's resolution going?
​For many of us, a new year also means new, good intentions. It may help to know that it takes, on average, 66 days to form a new habit. Hang in there, and remember that all tricks are allowed.
Eklund Foundation scholarship recipient lectured at TePe
TePe has had the honour of welcoming Dr Yohei Jinno, who was granted the 2018 Eklund Foundation Scholarship for the promotion of odontological research. Together with his supervisor Dr Becktor, Dr ...
TePe’s interdental brushes triumph at the Product of the Year awards
TePe’s Interdental Brushes have been crowned Product of the Year in the oral care category of the prestigious awards. The news was announced at an award ceremony hosted on 24 January at the Sherato...
TePe opens subsidiary in Australia: “A market with great potential”
TePe AB, leading Swedish manufacturer of high-quality oral health products, opens a subsidiary company based in Sydney.
Dr Yohei Jinno receives the 2018 Eklund Foundation Scholarship
The 2018 Eklund Foundation Scholarship for the promotion of odontological research at Malmö University is awarded to Dr Yohei Jinno. Joel Eklund, Chairman of the Eklund Foundation, delivered the sc...
Eklund Foundation Announces 2018 Grant Recipients
The Eklund Foundation for Odontological Research and Education is pleased to announce the projects receiving this year’s grants of EUR 150,000.

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