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Eklund Foundation open for applicants from 1 May
Applications for Eklund Foundation for Odontological Research and Education are accepted through the online portal at eklundfoundation.org from 1 May. Last day of application is 31 May.
Eklund Foundation allocates EUR 160,000 to odontological research in 2018
For the third year running, the Eklund Foundation for Odontological Research and Education will distribute approximately EUR 160,000 to high-quality projects in odontology.
Jenny Kallunki receives the 2017 Eklund Foundation Scholarship
The 2017 Eklund Foundation Scholarship is awarded to Jenny Kallunki, Specialist in Orthodontics, for her research on treatment of children with large overbite.
Malmö's largest solar power plant now operational at TePe
On 17 January, Malmö’s largest solar power plant was opened at TePe Munhygienprodukter AB. The plant, installed in collaboration with E.ON on the rooftop of a TePe factory building, enables the ene...
Eklund Foundation announces the successful candidates of 2017
The Eklund Foundation is pleased to announce the four research projects that were selected to receive funds, amounting to approximately 160,000 EUR, this year. The Eklund Foundation was established...
TePe launches new addition to popular toothbrush range
Responding to great demand, TePe has developed a new addition to TePe’s already wide toothbrush range. Now, the TePe Supreme™ Compact – equipped with a smaller brush head – is set to roll out on th...
TePe invests in Malmö's largest solar cell plant on production rooftop
TePe has signed an agreement with electric services company E.ON on a record large solar cell plant in Malmö. On a roof area of approximately 2600 m2, solar panels with a total power of 244 kW and ...
TePe acquires U.S. distributor
TePe continues its global expansion by integrating U.S. distributor in the TePe group as a subsidiary as of 1 July 2017.

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