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Here you can find all latest information from TePe. 

TePe GOOD™ Toothbrush Awarded Product of the Year in Australia 2021
The TePe GOOD Regular soft toothbrush is made from bio-based plastic – without compromising on product quality, efficiency or design. For this, the product was awarded Dental Care Product of the Year in Australia’s largest independent consumer survey.
Your toothbrush – a sustainable choice?
What’s your biggest concern when choosing your toothbrush? You may think: “It’s just a toothbrush.” But there are, actually, a few things to consider when choosing your everyday oral hygiene compa...
TePe introduces TePe GOOD™ – sustainable oral health products
TePe Oral Hygiene Products continues to take initiatives for long-term sustainable development. The company now launches their first products made from renewable sources – the first step towards in...
TePe launches new addition to popular toothbrush range
Responding to great demand, TePe has developed a new addition to TePe’s already wide toothbrush range. Now, the TePe Supreme™ Compact – equipped with a smaller brush head – is set to roll out on th...
TePe invests in Malmö's largest solar cell plant on production rooftop
TePe has signed an agreement with electric services company E.ON on a record large solar cell plant in Malmö. On a roof area of approximately 2600 m2, solar panels with a total power of 244 kW and ...

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