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CO2 neutral products 2022

TePe commits to climate action by setting a CO₂ neutrality goal

‘Taking action to combat climate change and its impacts is one of the greatest challenges of our time. To tackle this challenge, we need to reduce our carbon emissions and move towards a fossil-free society. At TePe, we want to contribute to a positive development. Our CO₂ neutrality goal will be a catalyst for our sustainability initiatives and a step towards our overarching goal to become a CO₂ neutral company’, says Helena Ossmer Thedius, Marketing and Innovation Director.

The 2022 neutrality goal is anchored in TePe’s Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), which calculates the environmental impact of the company’s product and packaging materials. In addition to TePe’s emphasis on resource management – using 100% green energy and taking measures to reduce waste – the LCA has identified materials, transportation, and product end of life as areas of improvement.

The challenging question of raw materials has been a natural starting point for TePe, resulting in part by the introduction of biobased plastics (renewable raw materials) in their range. While continuing to investigate eco-friendly raw material options, TePe will now look closer into sustainable transportation methods as well as solutions for end of life.

Helena Ossmer Thedius says, ‘We’re striving towards a circular economy, but acknowledge that one single company can’t drive the transition – finding strategic partners and engaging in sustainable technology is crucial. At the same time, we want to set our aims high. Reaching CO₂ neutrality will be a milestone in our commitments for a sustainable future.’

TePe aims to conduct their work in accordance with the UN Sustainable Development Goals of Agenda 2030. All TePe’s production takes place at the manufacturing plant in Malmö, Sweden, using 100% renewable energy. Part of it comes from the company’s own rooftop solar power facility. Read more about TePe’s sustainability commitment at https://www.tepe.com/global/sustainability-at-tepe/sustainability/.

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