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Pink Ribbon NL

TePe expands its support for the Pink Ribbon in favour of cancer awareness and research

October has become known as the pink month when companies and individuals come together to raise awareness for cancer. Last year, TePe’s Pink Ribbon initiatives resulted in around €60,000 for cancer research in Sweden and Finland. This year, TePe will expand the Nordic collaborations to include Denmark and Iceland, but also engage several other markets across the globe. TePe subsidiaries in Italy, the Netherlands, the USA, and France​, as well as distributors in Greece, Ukraine, Portugal, and Serbia, will participate in various Pink Ribbon initiatives.

“We constantly work to raise awareness of oral health and its connection to general health. Since cancer research is so important for global health development, we are glad to support the Pink Ribbon campaign as part of our sustainability initiatives”, says Helena Ossmer Thedius, Marketing & Innovation Director at TePe.

The October Pink Ribbon initiatives will vary between markets. For more information on campaign assortment, please choose your region and contact persons at https://www.tepe.com.

For general information, please contact:

Helena Ossmer Thedius
Marketing & Innovation Director

+46 (0)40 670 11 00

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