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TePe joins STEPS research programme for sustainable plastics

‘We are very excited to become part of this important collaboration between academia and industry. Together, we can be a driving force for the transition into a circular economy’, says Helena Ossmer Thedius, Marketing & Innovation Director at TePe.

STEPS, Sustainable Plastics and Transition Pathways, led by Lund University, brings together researchers from various disciplines as well as industrial partners who represent the entire value chain in plastics, from raw materials to finished products. The second phase of the programme, running from 1 September 2020 to 31 December 2024, puts focus on intensifying collaboration between new industrial, regional and research partners to co-develop and evaluate carbon-neutral plastic products for specific target applications. The programme will also identify challenges for transition and suggest potential pathways for circular economy and reduced plastic pollution.

‘Limiting our environmental impact and striving for a circular approach is a central principle in our development strategy. However, strong partnerships are required to address and solve the world’s challenges regarding resources, pollution and waste. That’s why STEPS is such a valuable forum', says Patrik Werius, Product Development Manager at TePe.

Research partners in STEPS: IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute and RISE IVF.

Industrial partners in STEPS: Avion Corporation, Bioprocess Control, Bona Sweden AB, Clariant, Electrolux, General Plastics Scandinavia AB-GPS, IKEA of Sweden, IKEM, Jonas Ihreborn AB, Sveriges Stärkelseproducenter, Ludvig Svensson, Nordic Sugar, Orkla Foods, Polykemi, Quantafuel, SBHPP, SPIF, SYSAV Utveckling AB, Sodra Skogsagarna, TePe, Tetra Pak and Region Skane.

STEPS is funded by Mistra, the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research, which supports research of strategic importance for a good living environment and sustainable development.

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