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WD3441INT Special brushes 2000x1047

TePe Special Brushes – now a sustainable choice

Taking care of your mouth throughout life will benefit your overall health and well-being. TePe’s special range of products and solutions is developed to meet specific individual needs and make everyday life easier, suitable for example when having braces or implants. Close collaboration with dental professionals ensures efficient, easy to use products with a high level of quality.

´TePe introduced the sustainable interdental brush earlier this year. We are now taking the next step towards our aim of carbon neutral products in 2022 by significantly reducing the carbon footprint from our special brushes', says Helena Ossmer Thedius, Marketing and Innovation Director at TePe.

By replacing fossil raw material with fossil-free pine oils in a mass balance system, the carbon footprint of TePe’s special brushes is reduced by about 80%. TePe and their raw material suppliers are certified by ISCC to guarantee full traceability of the material and its sources. 

All TePe’s production takes place at the manufacturing plant in Malmö, Sweden, by use of 100% renewable energy. Part of it comes from the company’s own rooftop solar power facility. TePe aims to conduct their work in accordance with the UN Sustainable Development Goals of Agenda 2030. All actions matter, therefore TePe encourages all users to dispose of products and packaging responsibly.

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