Seminar outline

The goal of the TePe Clinic seminar programme is to give insight to TePe as a company, provide a deep understanding of the products – both theoretically and clinically - and to create a global awareness regarding the importance of preventive care and interdental cleaning.

The TePe Clinic concept consists of three seminars which should be attended in order. For seminar 1 and 2 we will visit your university, college or clinic, whereas seminar 3 is an online webinar. After each lecture, you can test your skills and receive a certificate of attendance by answering a few online questions, found here. There is no obligation to attend all three seminars but if you attend all three, you will earn a TePe Clinic course certificate. For an overview of the contents of each lecture, please see the boxes below. The contents of the seminars can be slightly customised to fit at a specific occasion of a curriculum or programme.

The length of seminar 1 and 2 can be modified to fit particular needs and interests, but there is a required length of minimum 2 hours per seminar. We are however happy to spend about 3-4 hours on each seminar, giving us extended opportunities for practical application. The length of seminar 3, a webinar, is approximately 1,5 hours.

Seminar 1 "Oral health by TePe"

In our first seminar, we will introduce you to the company TePe – our history, values and goals. We will let you know how we work with sustainability and with improving oral health on a global scale. Further, we will look at the prevalence and aetiology of gingivitis and periodontitis and pay much attention to prevention. This seminar will primarily focus on the existing scientific evidence for the benefits and importance of interdental cleaning and plaque control. You will become acquainted with TePe’s toothbrushes and interdental brushes. Hands-on training with our products is included.

The goal of this seminar is for you to learn what TePe stands for, to gain knowledge about our products and to understand the importance of good oral hygiene in preventing gingivitis and periodontitis.

Seminar 2 "Better communication, healthier implants"

In our second seminar, we will focus on implant maintenance and the prevention of peri-implant diseases. We will also discuss oral care for certain patient groups, such as the elderly, and patients undergoing orthodontic treatment. The last part of the seminar will be dedicated to patient communication. You will learn about our special brushes and deepen your knowledge regarding our interdental brushes. The goal of this seminar is to increase awareness of the importance of individualised implant maintenance and create an understanding of how to form and maintain a healthy habit.

Seminar 3 "Healthy mouth, healthy body"

Our third seminar is arranged as a webinar. The topic of this lecture is the connection between oral health and systemic health. We will give you an overview of the solid scientific evidence of this connection. You will also get an update on our product portfolio. The goal of this seminar is a deeper understanding of how oral disease can have systemic effects, as well as thorough knowledge about TePe’s products.

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