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TePe EasyPick™

Registration numbers regarding patents

PL. Patent No. 2829253
CH. Patent No. 2829253
ES. Patent No. 2829253 
GB. Patent No. 2829253
SE. Patent No. 2829253
NL. Patent No. 2829253
DK. Patent No. 2829253
FR. Patent No. 2829253
GR. Patent No. 2829253
IT. Patent No. 2829253 
CZ. Patent No. 2829253
TR. Patent No. 2829253 
DE. Patent No. 602014004145.0
HU. Patent No. E032148
CN. Patent No. 106061431
JP. Patent No. 63339692
HK. Patent No. 1229676
US. Patent No. 10195005
AU. Patent No. 2014294934
RU. Patent No. 2683388
SE. Patent No. 3113718
DE. Patent No. 3113718
UK. Patent No. 3113718
CH. Patent No. 3113718
CZ. Patent No. 3113718
ES. Patent No. 3113718
IT. Patent No. 3113718
GR. Patent No. 3113718
NL. Patent No. 3113718
PL. Patent No. 3113718
FR. Patent No. 3113718
SE. Patent No. 3181091
DE. Patent No. 3181091
UK. Patent No. 3181091
SE. Patent No. 356190
DE. Patent No. 356190
UK. Patent No. 356190
CH. Patent No. 356190
CZ. Patent No. 356190
ES. Patent No. 356190
IT. Patent No. 356190
GR. Patent No. 356190
NL. Patent No. 356190
PL. Patent No. 356190

Utility models
DE. UM No. 202014010862.5 
DE. UM No. 202014010864.1
DE. UM No. 202014010863.3
DE. UM No. 202014010860.9
IT. UM No. 279561

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