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Sustainability at TePe

Good Practice

Consumers and customers who use our products should feel secure that they are sourced, manufactured and distributed in a sustainable and responsible way. That is why we promote responsible business practices – both within TePe and across our supply chain. This includes choosing and rewarding reliable business partners who share our values and follow all relevant regulations in terms of social, economic, and environmental sustainability. With a firm base in our vision, we aim to raise awareness of health and sustainability with our stakeholders in every step of the value chain.

Conscious choice

At TePe, we are proud to develop products which promote long-term oral health and thus the quality of life for people worldwide. Our oral care range is appreciated and endorsed by dental professionals for its high quality, clinical application, and because it fulfils the strict criteria for safe and hygienic oral use.

Plastic has many advantages in terms of hygiene, safety, and quality. Without the use of plastic, modern healthcare would not be possible. It also has environmental benefits – thanks to its low weight, low-energy production and diverse areas of use, it can help to reduce power consumption and CO2 emissions. One of our challenges is to find new sources and types of plastics that can fill the high demand for materials with the high qualities expected – and that do not contribute to a larger environmental footprint. Taking an active part in the development of innovative and sustainable solutions is instinctive to us at TePe, as well as supporting consumers in making conscious choices.

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