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Sustainability at TePe

Sustainability Report

The TePe Sustainability Report 2019 summarizes progress and initiatives throughout the business and points out the way forward towards a sustainable future.

All we do emanates from our vision, to bring healthy smiles for life by inspiring good oral health. That’s why we have such a strong emphasis on education and knowledge sharing. Our professional health perspective and the efforts we do for people goes hand in hand with our ambition of integrating sustainability throughout our business.

To optimise our efforts, we have anchored our work in the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the target indicators that are relevant to our business. We want to show that it is possible to point out a way forward with respect for people and the environment. It means putting our focus where we can make the biggest difference. We are proud of our continuous efforts and improvements, but we also face challenges along the way.

Our commitments to sustainable change. We aim to:

  • actively support good health and well-being through continuous education;
  • provide an LCA of all product and packaging materials to achieve a zero carbon footprint;
  • shift to renewable/recycled materials in our products and packaging where possible;
  • take a circular approach throughout operations and minimise waste;
  • increase energy efficiency and keep using 100% renewable energy in our production.

Download the Report

Please click on the image below to read and download the TePe Sustainability Report 2019.

Download a high resolution version here

Auditor’s Statement

View the highlights from the Sustainability Report:


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