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Webinar – The links between periodontal health and general health

Why periodontitis may be a risk factor for other diseases

Around 40% of all adults suffer from periodontitis. We know that a toothbrush can only reach 60% of the tooth surfaces and so by encouraging your patients to get into the habit of using interdental brushes alongside their routine tooth brushing could help prevent and control periodontal disease.

The links between periodontal health and general health

Dr Michaela von Geijer

This recorded presentation by Michaela von Geijer presents the latest evidence on the suspected links between periodontal disease and a range of systemic conditions including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, adverse pregnancy outcomes, respiratory disease, rheumatoid arthritis and cancers. Periodontal disease as a risk factor for systemic disease is discussed on a population and individual case perspective.

Watch our recorded webinar with Michaela von Geijer and earn 1.5 hours of CPD that could make a difference to the way you deliver your oral hygiene interventions. Click here to get to the live recording.