TePe Dental Tape

TePe Dental Tape

The TePe Dental Tape is wide, flat and waxed. Use daily for efficient cleaning between teeth.

Wide for efficient plaque removal

TePe Dental Tape is developed in close cooperation with dental expertise. The result is a strong and waxed dental tape that glides easily between the teeth without shredding. The tape has a fresh mint flavour.

It fits nicely in your pocket or handbag thanks to its convenient size.

TePe Dental Tape

How to use dental tape

How to floss 1

1. Use about 40 cm of tape. Wind the ends around the middle finger on each hand and hold a short length of tape tightly between your thumbs and index fingers.

How to floss 2

2. Insert the tape between your teeth using a back-and-fourth movement.

How to floss 3

3. Curve the tape around each tooth. Clean above and 1-2 mm below the gum line, moving the tape back and forth and up and down. Remove the tape using a back-and-forth action.