Interdental Gel with Fluoride

TePe Interdental Gel with Fluoride offers efficient caries protection of the approximal surfaces. It is particularly beneficial to patients with high caries risk.

Powerful caries protection

TePe Interdental Gel with Fluoride

The interdental spaces are risk areas for development of caries. Adding fluoride to these areas prevents caries and strengthens the teeth. Fluoride is also known to alleviate tooth sensitivity.

When is TePe Interdental Gel recommended?

TePe Interdental Gel with Fluoride is specially recommended for persons with increased risk of developing caries. TePe Interdental Gel is also appropriate for those who care for their oral health and want extra fluoride protection.
Detailed information on the areas of use (for dental professionals)


The use of interdental gel with fluoride in combination with an interdental brush has been clinically tested with very good results.
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Use with TePe Interdental Brushes

Use the interdental gel with TePe’s interdental brushes. The smart bottle is designed for easy application. Simply drip the gel along the filaments or use the cap as a bowl and dip the brush in the gel.

TePe Interdental Gel has a fresh mint flavour and is free from abrasives for gentle cleaning between the teeth. Start in the back of the mouth where the risk for cavities often is higher. Apply more gel when needed. For optimal fluoride effect, use after toothbrushing. Do not rinse your mouth after use.

TePe Gingival Gel

TePe also offers a gel with chlorhexidine and fluoride for double protection of gums and teeth.
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