TePe Interdental Gel: Research

The use of interdental gel with fluoride in combination with an interdental brush has been clinically tested with very good results.*

It is a more effective method for approximal fluoride distribution than other comparable methods, such as fluoride-impregnated dental sticks, mouth rinse with 0.2% sodium fluoride (NaF) and fluoride-impregnated dental floss.

It gives an added effect over regular toothbrushing with standard fluoride toothpaste.

The use of an interdental brush with 0.32% NaF gel provides a better effect compared to an interdental brush with 0.2% NaF gel.

* Särner B, Lingström P, Birkhed D, Fluoride release from NaF- and AmF-impregnated toothpicks and dental flosses in vitro and in vivo. Acta Odontol Scand 2003; 61:289-296.

Särner B, Birkhed D, Lingström P, Approximal fluoride concentration using different fluoridated products alone or in combination. Caries Res 2008; 42:73-78.