Cleaning between your teeth

Your regular toothbrush only cleans the front, the back and the biting surface of the tooth. Don't forget to clean the surfaces between the teeth, where the bacteria hide.

Keeping your mouth healthy

Bacterial plaque constantly forms between your teeth and is impossible to reach with a regular toothbrush. The plaque must be removed regularly, or it can cause gum inflammation, cavities and bad breath. In the late teens it is time to start cleaning between the teeth every day in order to keep your mouth fresh and healthy.

Don't stop cleaning between your teeth if your gums are sore and bleed. Bleeding gums are often a sign of gum inflammation. If you don’t notice an improvement within a few days, contact your dental professional.

Information material

Read more about your oral health in our patient guide Simple tips for a healthy smile.

Our short and informative YouTube videos explain how to use TePe's products.

Interdental cleaning options

There are several ways of cleaning between your teeth, depending on the size of your gaps and what you prefer yourself. The most effective method is to use an interdental brush. TePe offers interdental brushes in nine sizes to fit different interdental spaces.

TePe also offers a gel with chlorhexidine and fluoride for inflamed gums and/or severe caries problems.

TePe EasyPick™ is an easy and efficient option for cleaning between your teeth. It is convenient to bring along and use wherever you are.

Dental floss can be effective when the interdental spaces are very tight. This is often the first option when you start flossing in the late teens (or earlier if recommended by a dentist). A preloaded floss holder, TePe Mini Flosser™, is an easier way of flossing. Dental sticks are another alternative. TePe’s wooden dental sticks are available with fluoride for extra protection against caries.