Knowledge, attitudes and behaviours of patients regarding interdental deplaquing devices: A mixed-methods study

This study compares floss and rubber interdental picks from a user perspective by evaluating knowledge, attitudes and behaviours. Data was collected through daily diaries, questionnaires and a focus group.

Dental professionals
PR Collection 2318

In conclusion, floss was perceived as superior in terms of ability to remove food/debris, thorough cleaning, and clean feeling in the mouth. The pick users, on the other hand, reported higher scores on ease/efficiency of use, convenience, and how easy the device was to hold and to use away from home.

Regarding interdental cleaning overall, the study population presented a lack of literacy and motivation, two factors influencing the compliance to use interdental cleaning devices.

How can these results be realised in practice? The authors stress the importance and obligation among professionals to educate their patients in order to achieve a better understanding of the causes and consequences of poor oral health. Communication skills and knowledge in behavioural change are two critical qualities among oral health care providers – to raise awareness of the importance of good oral hygiene, and to contribute to motivation to perform interdental cleaning.

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