A sustainable hour with TePe’s experts – diving into products and plastic (Englisch)

Time Montag, 17 Januar 19-20 Uhr, Dienstag, 18. Januar 12-13 Uhr, Mittwoch, 19. Januar 7-8 Uhr
Duration 45 min + Fragerunde (Englisch)
Presenter/s Karl-Johan Grudemo, Manager Product development & Project management, TePe Oral Hygiene Products & TePe Dental Professionals
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Exklusives TePe Share Webinar auf Englisch

TePe develops and manufactures a wide range of oral hygiene products, most of which are made from plastic. Plastic is a highly debated material, but there are also positive aspects of plastic. When it comes to health care, plastic is an essential material due to its unique characteristics and from a hygiene point of view. We will guide you through the journey from raw material to the final product and discuss how we work with sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint while producing high-quality oral hygiene products.  All of us can and need to contribute to reducing greenhouse gases and making conscious consumer choices is a big part of this. Besides helping you choose oral hygiene products with sustainability in mind, we will share tips on what you can do in your daily life and actions to take in the dental office for a more sustainable way of living and working.  


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To provide knowledge about the process of producing oral hygiene products under carbon neutral circumstances 

To inspire listeners to make conscious, sustainable choices 



Have knowledge about how TePe works with sustainability and implement renewable resources in the production of oral hygiene products  

Understand the complexity in material selection when manufacturing oral health products 

Be aware of different types of plastic and whether they are biodegradable and/or recyclable   

Be able to recommend oral hygiene products with sustainability in mind 

Über den Referenten

Karl-Johan Grudemo has a MSc in Mechanical Engineering with focus on organization and quality support with a wide range of work experience covering areas like customer service, quality, industrialization, production, and project management from automotive and consumer electronics. Karl-Johan has been working for TePe since 2018 both at as manager for product development and as project and industrialisation manager. Sustainability is always on top of the agenda for him. 

Karl-Johan Grudemo

Karl-Johan Grudemo