Pharmacy education Part 2 Bleeding, swollen and inflamed gums

The text below is a complement to TePe’s Pharmacy webinars as well as to the Pharmacy folder.

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A lot of people suffering from gum disease are not aware of it, mainly because there is usually no pain or discomfort until the more severe stages of the disease. Some people only notice the signs of disease once the teeth have become mobile. Regular dental check-ups are therefore important.

The first stage of gum disease is gingivitis, an inflammation of the gum surrounding the teeth that is reversible. Once the teeth and gumline are cleaned properly the inflammation can subside in a couple of weeks. If gingivitis is allowed to develop further, this can lead to periodontitis, an irreversible inflammation of the gum as well as the bone surrounding the teeth. When the bone starts to break down, the teeth can become mobile. The bone cannot grow back once its lost.

Gum disease can be experienced as

● Bleeding, receding (can be noticed as “longer teeth”), swollen and/or sore gums

● Sensitive or mobile teeth

● Bad breath (halitosis)

If someone comes in to the pharmacy asking about advice concerning bleeding gums, you can give them two tips. Firstly, to consult a dental professional. Secondly, being thorough cleaning all five tooth surfaces, with a focus on cleaning between the teeth since this is where gum disease often starts.

Recommend a soft toothbrush in combination with one of our products for interdental cleaning. For hard-to-reach areas that needs extra support, or for extra cleaning along the gumline, TePe recommends the use of a special brush such as our single tufted brushes TePe Compact tuft or TePe Interspace.

Sometimes, an antibacterial agent is needed. For this, we offer TePe Gingival Gel. The locally applied chlorhexidine/fluoride gel can be a complement to mechanical cleaning for a limited time. It is convenient to apply with an interdental brush. Do not rinse after application.


Webinar – Bleeding, swollen and inflamed gums

This webinar is in English and about 15 minutes long. Perfect for watching together with your colleagues over lunch! This webinar will give you some useful tips on daily oral care and how to maintain a healthy mouth. We will also present TePe’s toothbrush range and our interdental cleaning Products.