Pharmacy education Part 4 Caring for your braces

Orthodontic treatment is very common, especially among teenagers. There are several different reasons for needing a correction of your bite and a number of different treatments to choose from.

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Having a fixed orthodontic appliance is normally a long treatment and can last anything between 8-24 months. Ultimately, before an orthodontic treatment the dental team should make sure that the patient has a good oral hygiene and is motivated regarding both the treatment and keeping their mouth healthy. This is because there is an increased risk for gingivitis, gum inflammation, and initial caries, the first stage of tooth decay, for people with braces. More plaque than normally will build up because the brackets, bands and wires are excellent retention spots for the bacteria. This means that the gums and teeth need some extra attention during the treatment in order to stay healthy. Cleaning the teeth when wearing braces is a challenge though. Here are some tips that can help you guide your customers with questions about how to clean their teeth during orthodontic treatment:


Toothbrushing gets trickier and requires some extra time. You need to brush on top of the brackets and the wire but also both above and below. TePe Supreme is a toothbrush with filaments in two levels. This gives you better access around appliances. The TePe Supreme toothbrush is also available in a compact version which might be the better option for teenagers. Brushing morning, lunch and evening is necessary during the orthodontic treatment.

Cleaning between the teeth

TePe Easypick™

For cleaning in between the teeth, we recommend TePe Easy Pick. The spaces between the teeth will change throughout the treatment. Since the Easy Pick is conical and covered in soft silicone, it’s a great option. TePe Easy Pick is also handy to have after lunch and snacks, to remove excess food that tends to stick to the orthodontic appliance.

TePe Angle Interdental brush

Toothbrushing and cleaning between the teeth are the basics, however this is not enough when you have braces. A lot of food debris get stuck in the appliances and plaque will build up around the brackets. Cleaning around the brackets and under the wire is important and there are different options for this. The Angle interdental brush is an easy tool to use for cleaning between the wire and the teeth.

TePe Compact Tuft and TePe Interspace

A single-tufted brush is a just as good option when you look at plaque removal – it’s simply about preference. TePe has two single-tufted brushes, Compact tuft and Interspace.

TePe Angle Interdental brush

TePe Angle Interdental brush

TePe Compact Tuft

TePe Compact Tuft

TePe Interspace

TePe Interspace


Because of the high risk of developing caries, extra fluoride can be added. Except for the fluoride toothpaste used morning and evening, fluoride rinse can be used after lunch for a little extra strength to the teeth. Upon recommendation, TePe Gingival Gel is a good complement during orthodontic treatment. It contains both chlorhexidine and fluoride. To be used according to advice from a dental profession!


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