Physical activity – a healthy lifestyle choice

Physical activity and exercise will contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Performed regularly, it will have a positive effect on the overall body and boost the immune system. It also stimulates various brain chemicals that can make you feel happier, more relaxed and less anxious. Obviously, you have a lot to gain from an active lifestyle.


Exercise, including increased pulse activity, should be performed regularly to bring about all the positive effects. It is easier and more fun to establish a healthy habit if you choose an activity that you enjoy. It can be as simple as a quick walk. If you feel thirsty during exercise, water is an excellent thirst quencher.

Research has shown that forming a new habit takes on average 66 days (ranging from 18 to 254). It is worth noting that one or two missed opportunities to carry out the routine has no impact on the habit formation process. Even if the battle is lost occasionally, it will be a little easier every time you pick up the habit again.

Have you already made exercise a habit? Be sure to maintain it, because an active lifestyle is a wise investment in your overall health and wellbeing.