Relationship of periodontal disease and domains of Oral Health-related quality of life

The impact of periodontal disease on oral health-related quality of life was evaluated in a nationally representative population of 6378 adult individuals in the United Kingdom. Domains included in the assessment were: functional limitation, physical pain, psychological discomfort, physical disability, psychological disability, social disability and handicap.

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The results of the study presented a significant association between periodontal disease and oral health-related quality of life – independent of factors like age, gender and other dental problems. There was a relation between the extent and severity of periodontal disease and oral health-related quality of life including the different domains. This was true both for the part of the population attending dental clinics and the part who didn’t.

Patients undergoing periodontal treatment do not just expect the periodontal disease to be cured, with improved oral functions and removal of pain as a result, but they also expect the treatment to strengthen their perceived self-esteem and have a positive impact on their social life. Hence, the authors suggest these factors to be included both as a baseline and in the evaluation of the treatment result. This would enhance the possibilities for the patients to experience a successful treatment outcome.

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