Sleep – a healthy lifestyle choice

Sleep plays a vital role for good health and wellbeing throughout your life. Getting enough sleep contributes to physical health, mental health and quality of life. Sleep enables recovery for the body and mind.


Lack of sleep will, of course, result in a feeling of tiredness. Over time, sleep deprivation may also influence your overall health. It has a negative impact on the immune response and can contribute to an enhanced risk of getting ill. Sleep deprivation will also affect learning and memory and make you more susceptible to negative stress. Besides, you are more likely to give up other healthy habits, such as exercising and a healthy diet.

Exercise and outdoor activities contribute to better sleep, but you also need time to slow down before bedtime. A cool, dark room can help in getting good quality sleep. Although the need is individual, a general recommendation for adults is to get seven to eight hours of sleep every night.

Sleep is a fundamental part of a healthy lifestyle which often enables other healthy habits. Investing in your sleep is, therefore, an investment in your overall health and wellbeing.