Ceramics as alternatives to metals - results from clinical trials

Time 15 February 7 PM, 16 February 7 AM, 17 February 12 PM (CET)
Duration 45 min + Q&A
Presenter/s Christel Larsson, DDS, PhD, Associate professor in Prosthodontics
Contact If you have any questions, please email tepe.share@tepe.com


The presentation will give a brief introduction to the main ceramic material groups we have to choose from today and discuss the advantages – and disadvantages – that they offer. We will then review what success rates we may expect when substituting metals for ceramics in tooth -and implant-supported prosthodontics and learn how to avoid complications. 

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Target Group

Suitable for dentists and dental technicians as well as other dental professionals with an interest in prosthetic design.


Provide an overview of current ceramic materials 

Present current knowledge on survival and complications with ceramic-based restorations 

Learning outcomes 

Have an understanding of when and how to use current ceramic materials in clinical practice 

Be aware of commonly occurring complications and how to prevent and manage them 

About the speaker 

Christel Larsson has a Degree in Dentistry from Lund University 1996, specialized in Prosthodontics in 2004 and PhD in 2011 from Malmö University. The main research focus is ceramics with a special focus on zirconia. She currently holds the position as Associate professor and Head of Department of Prosthodontics in Malmö University. She has previously served as assistant professor at the Department of Materials Science and Technology. She has served as senior consultant in Public Dental Health Care in Lund and in Tannhelsetjenestens Kompetensesenter, Tromsö, Norway.  

Christel Larsson

Christel Larsson