Teaming up for improved success - visiting a Swedish dental practice

Time 17 May 7 PM, 18 May 12 PM, 19 May 7 AM (CET)
Duration 45 min + Q&A (take the opportunity to ask the team about their work!)
Presenter/s “Tandvårdshuset” Dental Clinic in Malmö, Sweden. Sidekicks: Lina Gassner Kanters, dental hygienist, and Michaela von Geijer, dentist, TePe Oral Hygiene Products.
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The members of a dental team can vary between countries, but the importance of a functional, happy, efficient team is global. An effective team where everyone feels they have a vital role is beneficial not only for the team members but also for the patients in their care.  

Sweden is well-known for focusing on prevention and all members of the dental team working closely with the patients. At Tandvårdshuset, we will meet dental technicians, dental assistants, dentists, and dental hygienists who have taken teamwork to their hearts. Join this webinar to get inspired into taking your teamwork to the next level.  

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Target group 

Suitable for the whole dental team 


To give an example of how teamwork can function and be successful when everyone in the dental team is working to their full range of excellence  

Learning outcomes 

Understand the different functions of the dental professionals in a Swedish dental team   

Understand the benefits of working together as a team and how this can help create a good working environment  

Be aware of delegation as a concept  

About the speakers 

Members of the dental team at Tandvårdshuset, interviewed by Michaela von Geijer and Lina Kanters from the TePe Dental Team.