The latest, essential little facts from scientific research on mechanical plaque removal

Time 21 March 7 PM, 22 March 12 PM, 23 March 7 AM (CET)
Duration 45 min + Q&A
Presenter/s Prof. dr. Dagmar Else Slot, RDH, BoE, MBA
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Mechanical plaque removal is the most common practice of oral hygiene, at its most basic consisting of toothbrushing and interdental cleaning. New products enter the market, and the industry provides information about them to dental care professionals. It usually takes somewhat longer for research papers and data to reach the profession. In this webinar, we provide an overview of new, scientific knowledge within mechanical plaque removal. This will help those working in the field to provide patients with up-to-date evidence-based recommendations. 


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Target group 

Suitable for all dental professionals 


To provide an overview of the new knowledge obtained on mechanical plaque removal 

To inspire listeners to disseminate this information to patients  

Learning outcomes 

Understand the impact of small changes in mechanical plaque control  

Have knowledge about the new scientific publications on mechanical plaque control  


About the speaker 

Dagmar Else Slot is a dental hygienist and professor in Prevention in Oral care with a PhD in dentistry, a Master in Education, Master of Science in Evidence Based Practice and a Master in Business Administration. She the editor of the International Journal of Dental Hygiene. Since 2007 she has worked at the Department of Periodontology of the Academic Center for Dentistry Amsterdam (ACTA) in the group focused on preventive and therapeutic procedures. She has participated in systematic reviews and clinical research. 

Dagmar Else Slot, dental hygienist and professor

Dagmar Else Slot, dental hygienist and professor