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Healthcare Professionals

Caring for oral health - Daily oral care

All TePe’s products are developed with the aim of facilitating and improving daily oral hygiene care. Dental professionals...Read more

Dental professionals

An overview of different interdental cleaning aids and their effectiveness

Science tells us that it is impossible to find one single interdental cleaning device to suit all individuals and all inte...Read more

Dental professionals

Knowledge, attitudes and behaviours of patients regarding interdental deplaquing devices: A mixed-methods study

This study compares floss and rubber interdental picks from a user perspective by evaluating knowledge, attitudes and beha...Read more

Dental professionals

Webinar for dental clinics

We offer webinars aimed at dental clinics. The webinars are in English and about 15 minutes long. Perfect for watching tog...Read more

Healthcare Professionals

Webinar for pharmacy staff

The webinar is in English and about 15 minutes long. Perfect for watching together with your colleagues over lunch!Read more

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