How to manage peri-implantitis in a pragmatic way?

Time 19.30 CET
Duration 45 minutes + QA
Presenter Prof. Andreas Stavropoulos
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Peri-implantitis is often a challenge in everyday praxis, with a large and increasing number of patients suffering from it. Management of peri-implantitis is in many cases complex and there is no consensus on the most effective treatment. Current approaches for the management of peri-implantitis consist of anti-infective, non-surgical, measures, followed in the majority of cases by surgical – resective, regenerative, or combinations thereof – interventions; in some cases, the implant has to be removed. This lecture provides a stepwise guide for the management of peri-implantitis, complemented with several clinical videos and patient cases.


• To provide a short overview of various factors of importance during treatment planning of peri-implantitis cases
• To present a step-by-step approach for the management of peri-implantitis

Learning outcomes:

• Be aware of various factors of importance during treatment planning of peri-implantitis cases
• Be aware of the impact of defect morphology and implant surface in the choice of treatment

• Be able to recognize the appropriate approach (resective, regenerative, or combination) for each specific case


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Prof. Andreas Stavropoulos

Prof. Andreas Stavropoulos has studied dentistry in Germany and Greece and did postgraduate training at the Dept. of Periodontology at Aarhus University in Denmark where he received his PH. D and Dr. Odont. degree, based on preclinical and clinical
studies on regenerative periodontal therapy and in association with dental implants. Further, Prof. Stavropoulos held the position as Professor and Chair in the dept. of Periodontology at Malmö University and currently has the position as the Director
and Professor of the Division of Regenerative Dental Medicine and Periodontology. He has extensive experience from clinical practice of periodontics and implant dentistry. Prof. Stavropoulos is member of the board at various international scientific organisations, and currently in the Executive Committee of the European
Federation of Periodontology (EFP).