New Periodontal Classifications – An Update

Time July 14th, 5 pm (GMT+8) / 7 pm (AEST) and 7 pm (GMT+8) / 9 pm (AEST)
Duration 60 minutes
Presenter/s Sanjay Haryana, Odontology and Education Specialist
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Over the years, we keep learning more about periodontitis – through research and practical experience. Periodontitis itself never changes but our knowledge does and therefore we have to adapt how we diagnose and describe the disease. The new classifications from 2017 replaces the 1999 classification. 

In this session, we will provide an overview of the new classifications, with practical examples and to be aware of how different countries adapt the system to fit their needs. 

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Wednesday July 14th, 5pm (GMT+8) / 7pm (AEST)

Wednesday July 14th, 7pm (GMT+8) / 9pm (AEST)


Sanjay Haryana

Odontology and Education Specialist