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Talking Prevention

Welcome to Talking Prevention, TePe’s periodical online resource, containing news and articles on preventative dentistry.

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Floss or Interdental Brushing? Class matters!

The classification system for loss of papillary height proposed by Nordland et al 1998 uses easily identifiable anatomical features for reference. Namely the interdental contact point, the facial apical extent of the cemento-enamel junction (CEJ) and the interproximal coronal extent of the CEJ. It also sorts the degree of loss into three classes. The three broad categories allow for quick descriptive assessment of the interdental site. These classifications can then guide the choice of the most effective oral hygiene tool to clean the interdental site. Try our simple ‘product to site’ quiz that uses the latest EuroPerio guidelines on the most effective tools for interdental plaque control.

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Health Dimensions and Behaviour

The relevance and effectiveness of health advice regarding behaviour, given in daily practice is examined in this paper.

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Scientific Foundation of Interdental Cleaning

Here at TePe, we know our ‘space’, so thought we would share this review of the clinical evidence that supports the role of interdental cleaning in effective home maintenance care. Conical or Cylindrical? The rationale for the optimal shape of brush head and the research that supports this is presented for reference and evaluation.

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