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Webinar – The links between periodontal health and general health

Why periodontitis may be a risk factor for other diseases

Around 40% of all adults suffer from periodontitis. We know that a toothbrush can only reach 60% of the tooth surfaces and so by encouraging your patients to get into the habit of using interdental brushes alongside their routine tooth brushing could help prevent and control periodontal disease.

The links between Periodontal Health & General Health

Dr Michaela von Geijer

Michaela von Geijer has extensive clinical experience, with a special interest in prosthodontics and implant dentistry. She has always placed a high value on working with preventive focus. Dr von Geijer has experience lecturing as a teaching assistant at the Histology Department at the University of Lund, Sweden, and also for professionals and students when employed by pharmaceutical companies as well as companies within the dental industry.

Since 2015, employed by TePe and lectured at universities around the world. Dr von Geijer is combining the work at TePe with dentistry at a private clinic in Sweden.