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TePe Environmental Recycling Initiative (TERI) Pilot [Now closed]

You are probably aware that in the UK we cannot currently recycle any products that are composed of more than one element. Dental practices already have a solution to dispose of sharps and contaminated waste and we in collaboration with Cannon Hygiene Ltd have come up with a way of utilising this system to include the disposal of used IDBs in general practice.

As we are tapping into an existing system, we are not adding to our environmental footprint
by its introduction. By that we mean that this waste will be collected along with your existing
contract and incinerated to generate energy for heating and bottom ash for road and
car park surfacing.

We have tried to keep this as simple as possible for all concerned. There are no additional costs to your practice but we do ask that this bin is placed in a prominent place to encourage your patients and staff to use this facility.

The bin will be collected and incinerated along with your separate sharps container in accordance with your current waste contract.

The Pilot will be for a 6 month period, where you will receive a monthly call from TePe to see how you are progressing.

TePe recognise that this is not a full solution to the UK recycling problem. However, we believe that this is a step in the right direction by extending the life of a product and not committing it fully to landfill.

Pilot is now closed. Click here to make sure you are signed up to TePe Connect for future updates on the scheme by email.