TePe to work with Gabby Logan to help promote healthy smiles

Leading oral health company, TePe, is delighted to announce that they will be working with Gabby Logan throughout 2019 to help promote healthy smiles.  

The appointment marks a step-change in the brand’s consumer engagement campaignwhich aims to help raise awareness of how daily interdental brushing and the use of high-quality products can help to achieve and maintain good oral health.  

As TePe’s UK brand ambassador, the sports presenter will work alongside TePe to build on the great work done by dental professionals and spread the word about the important role good oral hygiene plays in maintaining overall health and wellbeing. In this role, she will also front the brand’s advertising campaign throughout 2019. 

Commenting on the partnership, Gabby Logan saidMaintaining a healthy smile is extremely important to me, so I’m delighted to be associated with TePe, a brand that I’ve always used and trusted. I hope that by teaming up with TePeI can help build on the work done by dentists and hygienists and spread the word about the simple steps people can take to keep their teeth, gums and smile healthy in the long term.” 

Chris Conway, TePe Marketing Manager UK & Ireland, said: “As someone who embodies a healthy lifestyle, Gabby is a natural ambassador for TePe.  Being a TePe user, and someone who obviously cares about the health of her teeth, she is a great fit for the message we hope to communicate to consumers – that investing in a good oral hygiene routine can help to keep cavities and gum disease at bay and maintain heathy smile 

“By partnering with Gabby, we hope to extend the work done in dental surgeries throughout the UK and educate as many people as possible on the benefits of preventive dental care, interdental cleaning and the link between oral health and general wellness.” 

Developed in collaboration with dental professionals, TePe offers a variety of oral care productdesigned for keeping the mouth and teeth healthy. Find out more at https://www.tepe.com/uk/. 


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About TePe 

TePe is a Swedish family-owned company who have been designing, developing and manufacturing oral hygiene products since 1965. Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2015, the TePe brand was first introduced into the UK market in 1998. 

TePe offers a wide range of functional oral hygiene products. TePe’s Interdental Brushes (IDBs) are endorsed and recommended by 94%1 of dental hygienists across the UK. For 50 years, TePe has assisted in creating better oral health for people all over the world. TePe is currently the number one brand for Interdental Brushes in the UK. 

TePe has been certified to ISO 14001 environmental standard for over 15 years. In 2018, TePe introduced the TePe GOOD toothbrush, the UK’s first bio-based plastic toothbrush. As with all TePe toothbrushes, the product is manufactured at TePe’s Swedish Malmö factory, which has the largest solar power plant in the city. 

The introduction of the TePe GOOD toothbrush marks another step in TePe’s long-standing commitment to making the business even more sustainable, without compromising product safety, quality or hygiene. The toothbrush is just the beginning of the TePe GOOD story, which will expand to include more products in the future. 

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