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The 60:40 Issue
Four tips for a healthy smile and body

What do people need to know about cleaning in between their teeth?

Keeping all five sides of your teeth clean by Elaine Tilling, Head of Clinical Education at TePe UK

Should you carry on cleaning even when your gums bleed?

Keeping your gums healthy

Could you share some
hints and tips for a fresh mouth?

Keeping your mouth fresh and healthy by Elaine Tilling, Head of Clinical Education at TePe UK

The 60:40 Issue

You wouldn’t apply only 60% of your lipstick or comb 60% of your hair, or wash just 60% of your face so why only clean 60% of your teeth? A toothbrush can only reach 60% of the tooth surfaces. The only manual products that actually reach the spaces in between the teeth are dental floss, interdental brushes and interdental picks. 
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Four tips for a healthy smile and body

Good dental care is about more than just keeping your teeth and gums healthy — it’s about keeping your entire body healthy. Sometimes a problem in your mouth is a symptom of a problem elsewhere in your body. 
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Sharing TePe’s top tips to help prevent teeth staining and how keep your pearly whites bright throughout the summer.

We are constantly bombarded with teeth whitening products, treatments and apparent ‘quick fixes’, but what can you do to keep your pearly whites, white?
5 top tips for pearly whites

Why are we so happy to put up with minor health issues?

Research conducted by leading oral health care company, TePe, reveals that many of us will simply ignore minor health issues, despite the impact on our quality of life.
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Latest research reveals that many of us when attending a festival will leave our oral health care at home.

Leading Swedish oral hygiene company TePe, who is the number one interdental brushes brand in the UK, have shared their latest results from a survey commissioned by NetDoctor, looking at our oral health care behaviour when we attend a festival.  The survey revealed concerning information about the lack of consideration and care we have for our mouths when we are away from our normal daily routine.
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New survey reveals the painful truth of gum disease among diabetes community

Leading Swedish oral hygiene company TePe, renowned for their interdental brushes, have shared new results from a survey commissioned by the British Society of Periodontology, examining the prevalence of gum disease among the diabetes community. In the survey, taken by over 700 people, results highlighted that almost half had never been given information on the implications of gum disease for their diabetic condition and were also unaware of the symptoms of gum disease.
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Say cheese! It’s National Smile Month

With National Smile Month (15th May- 15th June), fast approaching, it’s time to brush up on your routine to make sure that you’re taking the necessary steps to keep your oral health in tip-top condition.
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TePe IDBs shades refreshed

TePe’s industry leading interdental brushes have received an exciting colour refresh.
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Easter Chocolate

Easter time goes hand in hand with indulging on yummy treats and chocolates. Whilst the very thought of a steady and unregulated intake of chocolate is a tempting one, spare a thought for your teeth who would much prefer that you eat your Easter treats in one sitting rather than throughout the day. 
Oral health experts advise you to eat all your chocolate eggs in one sitting

Summer Smile

With summer in our sights and the beach beckoning, many of us are hitting the gym harder than ever and filling our diets with healthy fruits and veg to ensure we’re summer ready. For some, this may even mean trying out a juicing diet. 
Keeping you smiling throughout the summer

TePe partners with local students to produce artwork for new offices and support young talent

Leading Swedish oral hygiene company TePe AB, market leaders of award winning interdental brushes, have demonstrated their commitment to the local community by working with Bridgwater and Taunton College to commission local students to produce artwork for their new UK headquarters in Wells.
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TePe have moved into Wells City

TePe, previously based on two sites - Wedmore and Cheddar have moved into Wells City - the smallest city in England. The opening on 26 January 2017 marks an exciting future for the company, with an expanded head office providing the opportunity for further UK investment and future job creation. The company’s new headquarters are strategically designed to accommodate the rapid growth TePe has undergone in recent years and provides a facility for continued growth for the future. During the opening we were joined by over 70 guests who travelled far and wide to enjoy the celebrations.
Office opening 2017

Statement on the lack of evidence for the efficacy of flossing

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TePe EasyPick™ receives Highly Commended for Product Launch of the Year at the Dentistry Industry Awards 2016

The innovative ‘new’ TePe EasyPick™ developed and manufactured by TePe Sweden, receives ‘Highly Commended’ at the Dentistry Industry Awards UK 2016 in the Product Launch of the Year category. 

TePe EasyPick™, is an on-the-go next generation dental pick for on-the-go use. It comes in two conical sizes, which means it can be used for many size of gaps, for efficient cleaning of teeth. A TePe EasyPick™ can be easily inserted in between the teeth to remove trapped food and to help reach the hidden 40 per cent of the tooth that regular tooth brushing misses. 
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Miles for Smiles 2017

For Mouth Cancer Action 

Team TePe UK made every step count for Mouth Cancer Awareness with the 2017 Miles4Smiles initiative. Recording our steps for a week at work, play and on the sports fields, our small team of 12 recorded a pretty credible 198,729 steps raising £380 for The Oral Health Foundation (OHF).
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Latest consumer advertising

'Your smile is timeless wear it forever'. It can light up a room. Make someone’s day. And express your deepest feelings.

For more details about keeping your teeth clean and healthy forever, visit our interdental brushes page.

Latest TePe Advertorials

Read first hand how TePe is valued by those who use TePe Interdental Brushes daily.
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Introducing the TePe EasyPick™ range

TePe EasyPick™ is an easy-to-use, ergonomically designed oral care aid which discreetly and effortlessly cleans between teeth to remove trapped food and plaque on-the-go. The innovative pick is gentle on the gums and has a non-slip grip to help clean the 40% of the tooth’s surface that is missed by standard tooth brushing. EasyPick is available in two-sizes and is the perfect addition to the brands number one interdental cleaning range. 
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90 Years of a Beautiful Smile

Happy birthday to the Queen, who is 90 years old today! In celebration of one of the world’s most famous smiles turning 90, we’ve pulled together a couple of top tips for a smile that lasts a lifetime.
Top 10 tips

TePe EasyPick™ wins Red Dot Award

Reddot award 2016 winner

The innovative dental stick TePe EasyPick™ by TePe Munhygienprodukter AB was awarded with the Red Dot, the international distinction for high design quality.
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The Nations journey

It's all about the space - an infographic

Following a TePe National Represented Survey conducted by One PollI, TePe provides a visual depiction about how we can simple turn a health benefiting behaviour into a daily habit.
See the infographic

New film breaks the silence surrounding gum disease

The BSP's Ian Needleman created a film called 'The Sound of Periodontitis' - gum disease. Gum disease is so often considered a silent disease so feel free to share this information and wear your smile with pride.

Latest PR Releases

These latest PR pieces explain why it's so important to establish a healthy oral care habit. Read here, some encouraging tips that can help improve your current dental care routine - remember you are not alone! We want to help you find a routine that fits with your lifestyle, as your smile is timeless wear it forever!

For all PR enquiries for TePe UK, please contact:
Ellie Fry / Senior Account Manager
T  0117 906 4563

TePe is donating 50,000 toothbrushes

TePe is donating 50,000 toothbrushes to vulnerable refugees in Sweden and Europe

The war in Syria and neighbouring countries has forced millions of people to flee their homes. People in flight are always in need of hygiene items. We have therefore decided to donate 50,000 toothbrushes.
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Dental Hygienist recommend TePe

According to a recent study*, 94% of Dental Hygienists recommend TePe Interdental Brushes. This underpins our significant market growth and reinforces why TePe continues to be the number one interdental brush brand used daily by dental professionals and consumers.
Our Interdental Brushes

* Harris M, Eaton KA, Ross MK, Avevalo C. (2015) A Survey of Dental Hygienists in the United Kingdom in 2011. Part 4 - Prevention Skills Training and Utilisation.

TePe Kids™ - toothbrushing is fun!

Children love TePe Kids - the toothbrush with fun prints and bright handle colours. This toothbrush suits children from 3 years and has a small brush head with extra soft filaments and a steady handle, perfect for both a small hand and the adult helping the child to brush.
More about TePe Kids