-This Easter, oral health experts suggest it’s healthier to eat chocolate in one sitting-

Easter time goes hand in hand with indulging on yummy treats and chocolates. Whilst the very thought of a steady and unregulated intake of chocolate is a tempting one, spare a thought for your teeth who would much prefer that you eat your Easter treats in one sitting rather than throughout the day. Eating your chocolate immediately after your meals reduces the number of acid attacks on your teeth. 

It takes our mouths between 20 minutes and 2 hours to re-balance the decay-causing acids which are produced by eating sugars; therefore, grazing on sweet treats keeps the teeth under constant attack. Confining your chocolate indulgence to immediately after meals is a much more ‘tooth friendly’ way of enjoying the chocolaty delights of Easter.

Elaine Tilling, Clinical Head of Education at TePe says: “Whilst we don’t advocate going completely overboard with chocolate consumption, we do understand that Easter is the time to enjoy an Easter egg or two.  To ensure that your teeth don’t spend the entire day re-balancing from a continuous sugar overload, we want people to be aware of how damage can be lessened with some quick and simple steps…”

TePe’s top tips for teeth this Easter:

  • Keep chocolate consumption to meal times, when your teeth are already being challenged with acids from your normal diet
  • Brush for two minutes with a fluoride toothpaste twice a day to help protect the teeth
  • Don’t forget the all-important spaces in between your teeth where the toothbrush alone misses because if left uncleaned, dental decay can start here

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