TePe Gingival Gel

TePe Gingival Gel

TePe Gingival Gel is an antibacterial gel which combines the advantages of chlorhexidine and fluoride for double protection of gums and teeth. The gel is specially developed for easy application with TePe's interdental brushes.

Double protection of gums and teeth

Gingival Gel

TePe Gingival Gel contains both chlorhexidine (0.2% CHX) and fluoride (0.32% NaF). Chlorhexidine is effective against oral bacteria (plaque) while fluoride strengthens the tooth enamel, prevents tooth decay (caries) and protects sensitive root surfaces.

Bacterial plaque usually accumulates in the small spaces between the teeth. TePe Gingival Gel is easy to use together with the interdental brush. The viscosity of the gel is carefully balanced - the gel is easy to apply on the brush and remains between the teeth when the brush is removed. A convenient way in which to clean, fluoride treat and keep your teeth and gums healthy - all in one go! 

TePe Gingival Gel has been developed in collaboration with dental experts. It contains no colourants, alcohol or abrasives and is therefore gentle on both teeth and gums. It has a fresh mint flavour.

When is TePe Gingival Gel recommended?

TePe Gingival Gel is recommended for maintaining a good oral hygiene or when mechanical cleaning is not enough. The gel is suitable for both natural teeth and/or dental implants. Quite simply, when your teeth and gums need that little bit of extra care.

Use with TePe Interdental Brushes

TePe Gingival Gel is specially formulated for use with TePe’s interdental brushes. The gel comes in a smart bottle, designed for easy application to the brush. Simply drip the gel along the filaments or use the cap as a bowl and dip the brush in the gel. The gel stays between the teeth when the interdental brush is removed.

Information regarding ingredients

If you have any questions regarding the ingredients please contact our customer service at info@remove-this.tepe.co.uk. Click here for more information.