Introducing the new TePe EasyPick™ orange


April 2016 | Press release



TePe’s on-the-go innovation in the interdental category is now available in a smaller size to access smaller gaps between teeth. 



TePe, brand leaders in interdental care, is launching a new TePe EasyPick size. Colour coded orange, the smaller size is designed to fit extra small and small gaps and offers an alternative to the EasyPick turquoise, designed for slightly larger gaps. Like its partner, the TePe EasyPick orange is easy to use, made from silicone and ergonomically designed to be easily gripped. 


The design of the EasyPick orange allows the user to access smaller gaps between the teeth, whilst its tapered head helps remove trapped food and any built-up plaque from between the teeth – helping to improve overall dental health. Launched at the Dentistry show, EasyPick will be available to practices from May onwards.


TePe EasyPick is comfortable to use, gentle on the gums and has a non-slip grip. It has been designed for on-the-go use to provide a cost-effective solution to remove trapped food and also to help patients reach the hidden 40 per cent of the tooth that regular tooth brushing misses. 





Jayne Lunnon, TePe’s General Manager comments: “At TePe, we are committed to helping everyone achieve better oral care results. To assist with this we’ve developed the EasyPick range as an easy to use on-the-go solution for interdental cleaning.  This allows users to access smaller gaps between their teeth and get to the hidden 40 per cent of the tooth that tooth brushing alone can’t reach. It is a complementary addition to our interdental range, offering patients more choice with their oral hygiene regime.”

TePe EasyPick orange and turquoise come in a re-sealable pack of 36 and each pack includes a handy travel case to encourage frequent, on-the-go use. Ideal for encouraging patient compliance and healthy habit formation. 

TePe EasyPick will launch in the UK from May 2016 and will be available from dental practices with a suggested retail selling price of £3.99. The product has recently been presented with the Red Dot award, the international distinction for high quality design. The award recognises that the TePe EasyPick range provides an efficient on-the-go oral hygiene solution, combining flexibility, stability and grip for efficient cleaning. 

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TePe is currently the number one brand in the UK for Interdental Brushes and recommended by 94% of dental hygienists across the UK. 

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Notes to editors:

About TePe

TePe is a Swedish family-owned company who have been designing, developing and manufacturing oral hygiene products since 1965. Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2015, the TePe brand was first introduced into the UK market in 1998.

About TePe EasyPick™

TePe EasyPick is an easy-to-use, ergonomically designed oral care product which discreetly and effortlessly cleans between teeth to remove trapped food and plaque on-the-go. The innovative pick is gentle on the gums and has a non-slip grip to help clean the 40% of the tooth’s surface that is missed by standard tooth brushing. TePe EasyPick now comes in two-sizes and is the perfect addition to the brands number one interdental cleaning range.