TePe EasyPick™ XS/S & M/L
Reddot award 2016 winner

TePe EasyPick™– the secret lies in the combination of materials

TePe EasyPick™ is the easy and efficient way to clean between the teeth, leaving the mouth fresh and healthy. TePe EasyPick™ - interdental cleaning made easy.

TePe EasyPick™ is recommended:

TePe EasyPick™ is recommended for daily use, alone or as a complement to other interdental cleaning products. The pick is suitable for small to large gaps and can be used by anyone. TePe EasyPick™ is an efficient and easy option when it is difficult to use dental floss, and can also be used by those with implants and braces.

How to use TePe EasyPick™

Easy use – insert between your teeth and move back and forth a few times.

Easy reach – TePe EasyPick™ is strong and flexible and allows easy reach to the back teeth.

What makes TePe EasyPick™ unique?

The secret lies in the combination of materials. The core is both firm and flexible, and the silicone coating cleans effectively between the teeth whilst feeling comfortable on the gums. The non-slip grip ensures easy cleaning. TePe EasyPick™ is made in Sweden and developed in close collaboration with dental experts.

Two sizes fit all

TePe EasyPick™ comes in two conical sizes for easy cleaning of all interdental spaces.

  • M/L – turquoise: for medium to large gaps
  • XS/S – orange: for narrow and very narrow gaps


Pick up and go

Bring that fresh feeling with you, wherever you go – a convenient pocket case is enclosed in every pack. Please dispose of all used products and packaging responsibly.

Available in Dental Practices throughout the UK.