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Community engagement and collaborations

Community engagement and collaborations

Strategic partnerships and collaborations are essential to drive sustainable development. We take part in scientific collaborations for innovation and reducing fossil-based plastic and plastic pollution, for example, STEPS research programme and UNOPS. We cooperate with academia and the dental and health profession worldwide to raise awareness of health and sustainability issues.

One such collaboration is our participation in the ISO Dental Care committee, which contributes with 2 standards to UN SDGs 3 and 9 (ev. länk till https://www.iso.org/committee/51218.html). Through our TePe Share educational efforts, we support professional development for dental care and pharmacy personnel. Collaborations also include dental hygienist and dental student associations in our subsidiary markets. Local initiatives are frequently actioned by TePe’s subsidiaries, distributors, and collaboration partners in different parts of the world.

TePe is part of the STEPS research programme whose vision is a society where plastics are sustainably produced, used and recycled in a circular economy. We continuously endorse and promote the work of the Eklund Foundation, which was established by TePe’s owner family to support research and education in the dental field all over the world.