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People & Practice

Inclusive and safe workplace

People who use our products should feel secure that they are sourced, manufactured and distributed in a sustainable and responsible way. That is why we promote responsible business practices – both within TePe and across our supply chain.

Based on our company values and in accordance with SDG 3, 8 and 13, we are committed to providing a pleasant, positive, and stimulating work environment. The range of professions, skills, and experience within the organisation creates a dynamism that is vital for maintaining steady growth. This diversity is a strength, which also requires great respect for everyone’s tasks, differences, and views. Therefore, we work for diversity and gender equality at all levels and strongly condemn all forms of discrimination.

We also put a focus on our partners’ and suppliers’ safety and work environment. We continuously review and update our supplier base management procedures to make sure that changes in legal requirements, global standards and customer demands are fulfilled, as well as TePe’s high standards for CSR (corporate social responsibility) and environmental quality targets. TePe’s Supplier Code of conduct outlines the principles for our business relationship with suppliers and includes for example anti-corruption, human rights and fair employment terms.


Good people – good leadership

A talk with TePe’s Team & Leadership Development Manager, Charlotte Lundgren.

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Making conscious choices

At TePe, we are proud to develop products which promote long-term oral health and thus the quality of life for people worldwide. Our oral care range is appreciated and endorsed by dental professionals for its high quality, clinical application, and because it fulfils the strict criteria for safe and hygienic oral use.

We want to take responsibility by informing, as well as supporting consumers in making conscious choices based on knowledge and facts. We work every day to solve the challenge of shifting towards renewable resources which can fill the demand for high-quality materials that do not contribute to a larger negative environmental impact. It also concerns ways of creating closed-loop solutions, for example, through new techniques such as chemical recycling. Taking an active part in the development of innovative and sustainable solutions is necessary for sustainable development.

A GOOD Story



Based on our vision to bring healthy smiles for life by inspiring good oral health, we focus on raising health awareness through education. The aim is to inspire and share knowledge and make it easier for our customers to make conscious choices.

Through TePe Share and our digital knowledge platform, we offer tailored, open and easy-to-access material for dental and healthcare professionals, students, and health-minded individuals in general. Lectures and webinars are an essential part of our educational activities. Our dentists and dental hygienists/therapists work across the globe to strengthen the role of preventative dentistry and reinforce oral health as a central part of general health. As more and more research links gum disease to several systemic diseases, this topic is becoming even more relevant.

We share a passion for knowledge

Since our founding in 1965, we have worked closely with dental professionals. Together, we have a vision to bring healthy smiles for life by inspiring good oral health. TePe Share is a place to be informed, inspired and educated. For your personal development – and shared for the good of all.

Get the knowledge

Good oral health – improving people’s quality of life

A talk with TePe’s odontology experts, Anna Nilvéus Olofsson and Ralf Seltmann.

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