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Il link menzionato sotto porta ad una pagina dedicata a 5 studi particolarmente importanti in supporto agli scovolini, selezionati e riassunti da Anna Nilvéus Olofsson, DDS, Manager Odontology and Scientific Affairs, TePe.

In fondo alla pagina viene inoltre menzionata anche un’ampia raccolta di referenze.

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Slot DE et al.
Int J Dent Hyg. 2008 Nov;6(4):253-64.

This systematic review is conducted to assess the effectiveness of the interdental brush used as an adjunct to a toothbrush, compared to toothbrushing without any interdental cleaning, or in combination with dental floss or woodsticks. To assess the effect, plaque and clinical parameters of periodontal inflammation were used as factors evaluated. The results are based on 9 articles, all experimental clinical studies, which met the criteria to be included in the review. In the majority of the studies, the study population consisted of patients enrolled in a periodontal maintenance program. From these studies, it was concluded that interdental brushes used as an adjunct to toothbrushing remove more plaque than just toothbrushing, and that dental floss and woodsticks are surpassed by interdental brushes in plaque removal. Furthermore, the review showed a positively significant difference in using interdental brushes with respect to plaque scores, bleeding scores and probing pocket depth.