TePe – Over 50 years in oral health

As a leading oral health company, we develop, manufacture and market high-quality, functional oral health solutions, developed in close collaboration with dental experts.

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To bring healthy smiles for life

TePe is a privately held Swedish company founded in 1965. It is our vision to bring healthy smiles for life by inspiring good oral health. We aim to raise awareness of preventive dental care, interdental cleaning and the connection between oral and general health. Through our high-quality, functional products and solutions, we strive to make good oral health possible for everyone. Our complete portfolio of interdental brushes, toothbrushes, picks and special brushes are used daily by consumers and dental professionals in 60 countries worldwide.


We care for healthy smiles

Oral health is an important part of general health and wellbeing. With our solutions, we contribute to healthy smiles and improve people’s everyday life.

We care for knowledge

We aim to always lead the way in our field. Our innovative ideas and dental expertise keep us in the forefront and empower our vision of raising awareness of oral health worldwide. 

We care for sustainable quality

Our brand should be a true quality experience, today and in the future. All design, development and production take place in Malmö, Sweden, giving us control over the entire chain. We always strive to become more sustainable. 

Preventive dental care since 1965

TePe has a turnover of 840 MSEK (2019), with 370 employees in eight countries and exports to over 60 countries.  All TePe’s research and production takes place in Malmö, where our teams strive for constant improvement. We have been recognized and rewarded for our local job creation initiatives, our successful exports, and our efforts within life science and health awareness.

From the very beginning, TePe had a focus on oral health and preventive dental care, cooperating closely with the dental care profession. Our history began with a triangular dental stick, designed to fit the natural shape of the interdental space. It  was launched 1965 through a collaboration between wood-carver Henning Eklund and two professors of the School of Dentistry in Malmö.

The dental stick was soon followed by the first TePe toothbrush, a user-friendly, everyday classic, as Henning’s son Bertil had taken over the business. Another important milestone was the introduction of our renowned TePe Interdental Brushes in 1993, a product which have since secured our status as market leader in many countries, such as the UK, Germany, and Sweden.

In the 90’s, TePe’s then-CEO Birgitta Nilsson initiated an internationalization with a focus on exports and the establishment of a number of subsidiaries abroad.

Joel Eklund, grandson of the founder, took the role as CEO in 2012 and continued the development of TePe with a particular focus on sustainable and innovative solutions. During Joels eight years as CEO, TePe sales more than doubled, and global expansion continued by the establishment of sales companies in the US and Australia. TePe also introduced TePe EasyPick™, the next generation interdental stick, which received the prestigious Red Dot Award.

In August 2019 TePe announced the planned succession in the management of the company and on the 1th January 2020, Joel Eklund became Chairman of the Board passing the role as CEO on to TePe’s CFO Hanna Hageberg Hammar who will continue to develop TePe in accordance with our vision to bring healthy smiles for life by inspiring good oral health.

TePe actively drives positive change through various sustainability initiatives. Our solar power facility at the Malmö headquarters enables the energy produced on site to be used directly in manufacture. We actively engage in the development of eco-friendly solutions and aim to eventually become independent of fossil raw materials in product and packaging.

Eklund Foundation for Odontological Research and Education

In the year of  TePe's 50th anniversary in 2015, the Eklund family established the Eklund Foundation for  DentalResearch and Education,  with a donation of €5.5 million. The foundation was created in line with the family’s vision of good oral health for everyone as a way to contribute to knowledge and development within the dental field for many years to come.  The Eklund Foundation distributes funds to high-quality research projects annually.


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