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Our More Sustainable Interdental Brush

A choice that matters

We now make our Interdental brushes from pine oil through the mass balance method. This means we’ve quickly reduced our carbon footprint using existing manufacturing infrastructure, but with a more sustainable raw material. The process is independently audited by the ISCC and has helped us reduce our carbon footprint by 80%.

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Number 1 selling interdental brush in the UK

Made in Sweden in collaboration with dental experts, TePe’s Original Interdental Brush is the number 1 selling interdental brush in the UK and is recommended by 94% of dental hygienists*.


* Source: A survey of 201 dental hygienists in the UK, Ipsos, (2019). 94% dental hygienist recommendation rate based on a survey of dental hygienists in the UK completed by Ipsos on interdental cleaning products in the UK.


Good Housekeeping - Getting Greener Accreditation

We've been awarded Good Housekeeping's 'Getting Greener' accreditation.



Carbon Neutrality and Life Cycle Analysis

Aiming for carbon neutral products and packaging in 2022

Our sustainably goals are anchored in our Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), which calculates the environmental impact of the company’s product and packaging materials. In addition to TePe’s emphasis on resource management – using 100% green energy and taking measures to reduce waste – the LCA has identified materials, transportation, and product end of life as areas of improvement, and this is where we will be focussing in the coming year.

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The TePe Mass Balance Story


We are committed to building an ever more sustainable business

For our new Sustainable IDBs, we have rapidly reduced our carbon output by using the existing plastic manufacturing infrastructure but with more sustainable raw materials. Pine oil is a by-product of the paper industry which is mixed with oils from other sources - a process called the Mass Balance Method. The process is independently audited by the ISCC and has helped us reduce our carbon footprint by 80%.

Through the Mass Balance Method, we are reducing our CO2 footprint quickly and cost-effectively. We are producing high quality IDBs in a more sustainable way while keeping prices affordable, so consumers can make better environmental decisions.  (We are also helping to generate demand for renewable materials which will help drive systemic change in the manufacturing of plastic.


Our Products & Packaging

Healthier mouths and a healthier planet

We are committed to making our products and packaging carbon neutral in 2022. We are using a range of initiatives, from the use of cardboard packaging, renewable energy, transportation solutions and mass balance to offset our virgin materials. Our new IDB soft bags packs will use 80% plant-based materials, and we are constantly exploring the use of more sustainable materials including plant-based, as long as the use of such materials does not compromise the design and performance of our products

Discover our GOOD range

GOOD for you. GOOD for the environment

Thanks to the use of the renewable raw materials, sugar cane and castor oil, we now manage to recirculate up to 95% of the carbon dioxide emissions during the life cycle of our GOOD Toothbrush.

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Renewable Energy at TePe

We've invested in our own solar power plant

We are committed to building an ever more sustainable business, we use renewable energy throughout production and have invested in our own solar power plant. We put special emphasis on increasing our energy efficiency to minimise our carbon footprint.